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Most tool vendors attempt to design products with complete functionality. For many customers, this is not sufficient enough. Whether you want to integrate a home-grown tool or require specific functionality that is currently unavailable. Flexible customization capabilities can act as an enabler for these exact situations. Tosca Testsuite is a market leader for most versatile APIs. It provides necessary and intuitive customization capabilities for our customer requirements. Furthermore, the Tosca Testsuite API provides several ways to integrate your own functionality into Tosca in order to bring the power of Tosca and your ideas together.

Native .NET API

What it does?
Tosca API is shipped as native .NET API with full documentation covering the whole Tosca object model and all generic parts of the architecture. Use one of the popular .NET programming languages to add rich functionality by using the powerful .NET libraries.

Why it matters?
For developer that use Microsoft’s technology, .NET is the framework of choice to implement new functionality. The Tosca Commander API provides all necessary functions to implement extensions ranging from custom tasks to full integrations.

Tosca API REST Service

What it does? 
Tosca Commander REST API service is developed in addition to the native Tosca API, exposing all of its functionality and making it available to other technologies and network locations.

Why it matters?
For developer that use prefer to use other development environment such as Java, PHP, … , the restful web service offers the most convenient way to implement extensions ranging from simple actions to full integrations.

Custom tasks

What it does?
Add your own custom functionality and make it accessible by using the Tosca User Interfaces. Customize the main menu or the object context menu by extending them with your own tasks.

Why it matters?
Make Tosca Commander fit like a glove, by adding menu items that perform custom tasks with a user experience as if it was out of the box functionality.

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