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Top 7 QA Testing Vendors Report Published by

Every year, publishes industry-related reports that highlight the top vendors in a particular software segment. The “Top 7 QA Testing Vendors Report” helps organizations to select the right testing solution for their company. In 2013 included Tricentis Tosca among the leaders in Quality Assurance Testing. Tricentis is proud to be associated with established leaders in the field of software testing, quality assurance, and software test management.

From the report

“Tosca’s market proven technology enables two unprecedented paradigm shifts:

  • Technology-enabled testing methods that massively reduce the number of test cases while increasing test coverage and
  • A unique model-based approach to software test automation, enabling automated test cases in plain English.

This eliminates the massive maintenance requirements of conventional script based test automation, thereby reducing redundant testing efforts with lower costs and improved time to market. With a strong footprint in the banking, insurance, and enterprise sectors, Tricentis has revolutionized software testing for many of its regional and global customers.


Wolfgang Platz, Founder and Managing Director of Tricentis states, “We are pleased that included Tricentis as one of the Top 7 QA Vendors in its 2013 Edition. Getting the most out of testing in today’s rapidly changing software environment by reducing costs and effort and simultaneously improving quality has been a significant challenge for most organizations. Tosca addresses this directly with its test case design, automated software testing, and dynamic test data in order to decrease costs by over 50%. In this way, Tosca achieves optimal testing ROI with much higher testing quality. Tricentis Tosca with its best practices and proven test methodology make the difference. Tricentis is challenging the market by advocating a shift from the number of test cases to increased test coverage in order to improve both testing effectiveness and efficiency.”