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Trends and Benchmark Report for 2013

SwissQ is an independent test association that publishes the “Trends & Benchmark Report” in Switzerland each year.

The SwissQ Report for 2013 shows that Tricentis Tosca is now the 2nd most used testing tool in the Swiss Market. In Test Automation, Tricentis has gained a market share of 26.8%. In Test Management Tools, Tricentis has increased its market share to 20%.

The Swiss Market is one of the most highly concentrated markets for banking, financial services, insurance and technology testing (complex business process testing and blended testing environments with outsourcing and near sourcing combinations). Efficient and effective testing are of paramount importance and transparency is critical. Risk coverage is now a “must” as we see companies being mandated to provide the requisite quality while meeting their time-to-market at reduced costs.

SwissQ has also recently published a comparative analysis of Tricentis Tosca (in German).

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