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Cross Browser Test Automation

What is Cross Browser Test Automation?
Cross Browser Test Automation is the ultimate training for anybody wishing to test an application in multiple browsers, and become a Tricentis Automation Specialist along the way.

What is the structure of the training?
The Cross Browser Test Automation training builds on what you learned in the Tricentis Certified Professional course, and is divided into three clearly defined parts.
We recommend this training as a basis for further specialist courses with Tricentis.


  • Additional possibilities for HTML controls
  • Usage of steering parameters
  • Handling dynamic IDs
  • Hands-on excercises and best practice tips


  • Libraries and Reuseable TestStep Blocks
  • ActionModes WaitOn and Constraint
  • Loops and Conditions
  • Recovery Scenarios
  • Hands-on excercises and best practice tips


  • Recommended usage of available search modes
  • Usage of pre-built Modules
  • Benefits of value ranges
  • Best practice tips and exercises


How can you take the training?

The form your learning will take is completely up to you.
You can choose to learn only using self-paced learning or you can choose to take part in instructor-led training.

The Self-Paced Track is especially suitable for individuals and groups who need to fit their Tosca learning around a busy schedule.

This training track is designed to be taken exclusively as self-paced training.

Track content

  • Access to Tricentis online training portal
  • All training modules are offered as self-paced learning

Delivery method

  • Self-paced learning
  • Learning material is provided online
  • Approx. 15-20 hours average duration for completion


Tricentis Certified Professional certificate

The Instructor-Led Track is especially suitable for groups whose main focus is to become highly proficient users of Tosca Testsuite and Cross Browser Automation in very short time period.

This standard training track is designed to be taken as instructor led learning.

Track content
Instructor-led classroom training of Control Recognition, Test Automation Features and a Deep Dive in Test Automation

Delivery method

2 days of classroom training*

* Classroom training is limited to a group size of max. 10 students


Certificate Tricentis Certified Professional

How our Instructor-Led Track works

  • Let our certified trainer guide you through the 3 modules
  • Pass the exam and receive your Tricentis Certified Cross Browser Automation certificate