Test Architect
Level 1 Certification

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Are you an experienced user of Tricentis Tosca?
Have you led teams running their QA work on Tricentis Tosca or would you like to?

Welcome to the Test Architect Level 1 Certification!

After passing the entry test you will be able to consume 10h worth of video material that will significantly widen your perspective around Tricentis Tosca’s solutions. As a future Architect we will also provide you with some tools that are most relevant during your day to day job – ways to estimate workload, a tool to calculate ROIs and some useful project plans. All to make you a successful and efficient Implementation Architect. To ultimately become a certified Test Architect you will need to demonstrate your skills and expertise in Tricentis Tosca by remodeling over 30 test cases so they are not just working but also done in the most efficient, elegant and clean way to automate. True Tricentis Tosca Guru’s will prevail and be able to call themselves TA1.

You will be on your way to becoming a certified Test Architect!

Download data sheet
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  • 1 entry exam to show your readiness
  • 10h of video material covering 18 different topics
  • 1 hands-on challenge to show your skills
  • 5 artifacts to use in projects
  • 1 certificate to confirm your expertise
  • 1 certification attempt every 6 months


  • Automation Specialist Level 1
  • Automation Specialist Level 2
  • Test Design Specialist Level 1
  • Test Design Specialist Level 2
  • Automation Engineer Level 1
  • 6+ months hands-on experience with Tricentis Tosca (your most recent course certification must be 6+ months prior to the course registration date)
  • Successful entry exam

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