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Our User Tutorials present a session with an Academy Trainer and a Tricentis Expert exploring a specific area of one of our Tools and how to use the different functionalities in your daily work.


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Series #1: Getting Started with Tricentis RPA Studio

In this first series of Tricentis RPA, you will gain a wider insight on how the Tricentis RPA Studio works, how to design and automate your own business processes through user interfaces, how to use Standard RPA Modules and create your own Modules for the technical steering of your Bot, how to connect to data sources and use Logic to handle more complex business scenarios. We will also touch base on the difference between RPA and test automation.

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Series #2: Building an Advanced Bot and using the Tricentis RPA Orchestrator

In this second series of Tricentis RPA, we will dive deeper into designing advanced Bots for more complex business automation. You will gain practical insight on how to connect RPA to the Tricentis Test Data Service (TDS), how to use advanced Logic and Loops, and finally how to publish your Bot as well as run your Bot using the RPA Orchestrator for results and reporting.

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Series #3: Tricentis RPA in Action: Designing Complex Business Processes

In this third series, you will learn how Tricentis RPA enables resilient business process automation with unmatched ease and speed. Here, we will showcase four complex, industry-specific business processes and walk you through the design of these advanced Bots, supported by various applications and technologies.

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Aug 26, 2019

Tricentis Analytics

The presentation will provide information to both excite and enable our customer base to make best use of Tricentis Analytics. We will give a brief overview of what the tool is and why one should use it.

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Sept 4, 2019

qTest Launch

User Tutorial Center

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