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How to Access Explorer Settings

How to Access Explorer Settings

As a project admin, you can adjust your project team’s note and time types by selecting the eXplorer settings. Your team will then be able to use the configurations per project. Here I’m adding a new note category for my team to use when conducting their eXplorer sessions. All users can right-click on their eXplorer icon to select their desktop settings. From here you can adjust general settings such as including each time stamp per executed step. For offline note taking, you can add a custom note and time-type outside of the current project settings.

The defect tracker section allows users to connect into various issue trackers such as JIRA, Rally or VersionOne. Users will also have the option to submit the results in multiple formats and create custom hotkeys for rapid note taking. The quick start feature can be utilized to automatically launch eXplorer depending on which applications you need to test. This ensures that users will never forget to launch eXplorer before their testing begins and to auto submit the results to a default project of their choice.