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How to Add Automation Agents and Create Tests From Automation Hosts

Add Automation Agents

Now that our host service is running, there are a couple things I wanna update. The polling frequency is long, so let’s set it to five minutes. If I need to poll immediately, I can do this as well from the host view.

Add JUnit Agent

I’ll add an agent type and select JUnit. I’m pulling up the documentation from QASymphony’s GitHub page so I can copy into the agent.

First, select the directory where the tests are stored. My file path is /home/ec2-user/Repos/junit-sample. Add the scripting libraries are in that same directory under libs section, and then I’d like to include all the class files for testing. Fill out the rest of required fields based on the documentation and then scan for tests.

Save and Scan for JUnit Tests

Once I save and scan, and it will now recognize these three tests. I have the option to create the tests by method or class name, and by method is the way I would usually recommend to someone since your test cases tend to be distinct and won’t rely on other test cases. After I click create, it will connect to qTest Manager and create all automated test cases in Test Design.

The result shows that I created 18 tests that stored them in a module called Automation Test Cases.