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Advanced Software Test Metrics with qTest Insights

The qTest Insights analysis reports contain out-of-the-box, executive level reporting for software test metrics around quality, coverage, and velocity. The header navigation controls and filters allow users to quickly view advanced software test metrics based off testing projects.

Configure Project Views

If I select multiple projects from the header, the view will dynamically change and adjust based off the selected filters. Once the filters have been set by project, module,or release, they will be saved as I move to different analysis reports. Analysis reports allow me to filter further by module folders and releases.

Quality Analysis

Quality analysis reports allow me to see the latest test execution results per project, release, cycle, and configuration. By interacting with each chart, I can selectively zoom in to analyze trends, or click a section of data to be brought to a drill down page. Each drill down page comes with filtering and sorting capabilities.

Coverage Analysis

Coverage analysis shows a combination of manual and automation coverage for each requirement, while also displaying key information around application area coverage. I can easily flip, from manual to automated test results, and view risky areas of my applications through a visual heat map that contains failed test runs per module. This allows me to view application coverage through module and release filtering.

Velocity Analysis

Velocity shows a breakdown total run planned vs executed, while also giving insights into average and total test time, along with forecasted metrics that can be viewed below each velocity report.