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How to Create Custom Reports and Drill Down

Create custom metrics in software testing with qTest Insights

Whether you are clicking on an interactive chart, selecting dynamic link or exploring data, qTest Insights comes with powerful drill down capabilities for all your metrics in software testing. To create a custom report, select the explore data section. To filter your results, select the filter tab and then chose your operators. In this example, I’m going to show data from two projects.

Filtering Data

Filtering is case sensitive, so please make sure your data inputs and correct joining clauses are accurate.

  1. I’m using the ‘OR’ clause rather than an ‘AND’ clause
  2. I’ve added parentheses to contain the query

I also want to use the ‘Not = ‘ to comparison to remove any test results with no value. Once filtering is set, you can choose which columns need to be shown in the data grid by selecting the gear icon.

Sorting and Grouping Data

qTest Insights provides advanced sorting, and grouping options to organize the data grid layout.

Here I want to easily view my data first by project, then by release. As you filter and group your data, you can expand width or move the entire column by selecting to the right and left of the column name. Also, I can rapidly change the data by left clicking on a column name to get more options. Here I quickly added another group be ‘test runs’.

Saving Custom Reports

After my custom report has been completed, I can then choose to download the report locally or save a report in qTest Insights. Now I can manage all created reports in one location, and chose run them instantaneously, or schedule them for at a future date.