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How To Create Test Cases with qTest Manager

Document test cases in one central location with qTest Manager.

Learn how to create, edit and document test cases with qTest Manager.

In Test Design, users can create re-usable test case repositories. Click the test case icon in the folder you wish to house your case. Then add values to your system or custom property fields.

  • Systemic Test Case versioning allows you to run current and pasts versions of your test cases and see entire change history of these versions, along with any comments made along in it’s life cycle.
  • Steps can be added as a single line item or using Shift + Enter, you can expand the step cell to add more data. Attachments can be added to the step or case level in order help the tester during execution.
  • Testers can copy and paste steps within their current test cases or other test case, they can also drag and drop their test steps to quickly re-organize their structure.
  • For reusable steps, utilize the Call test case feature to pull in entire case cases from shared repositories. For example, I’m calling a lengthy business process script instead of retyping these same repeatable steps for a new test case
  • You can optionally link to an existing requirements, along with drop and dropping additional attachments.

Once your test case has been saved, approve it to a new version that’s ready for execution.