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How to Create and Manage Test Runs with qTest Manager

Create software test cases for execution in qTest Manager.

There are multiple ways to create and group your test runs in the Test Execution model.

You can start by creating new cycles and suites within a current release or Create test runs outside of a predefined test plan.

Cycles are a great way to group New feature testing, regression, and other functional area testing through Nesting Test suites.

All cycles, suites and test runs can be copied and pasted for rapid test execution planning.

To start clean test suite, click the add test runs button to pull in test runs based of key variables.

You can pull in all test cases based off linked requirements in case you don’t remember their association. Pull them in from functional areas within your projects the test case repository or if utilizing test case sharing from other projects, select their test repositories.

Pulling from Test execution allows you to quickly generate regression plans from past executions, and running base of associated defects helps make sure retesting is not missed.

The most powerful test run planning comes by utilizing the data query. Here you can use query syntax to pull in test runs based off metadata that’s driving your planned executions.

Here i’m selecting to chose all test runs that have failed based off their executed start date.

Don’t forget, you can always use qTest’s Test Run configurations to quickly generate test variables for multiple test runs.

Once you are all set up, it’s now time to start executing your test runs.