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How to Create Test Run Configurations

How to Create Test Run Configurations

Creating test run configurations is a great way to streamline run creation during test execution. To start, select the Configuration Field Settings in the administration area. Here we have Variables that are combined into Configuration Sets, which then qTest uses to generate multiple Configurations for test execution. For the A6 and A7 processors, I’ve added multiple device values for the Apple products. I’ve also added some newer iOS versions as value types. Based on the A7 and iOS variables, I want to create a new set. Since I know that these A7 devices are supported under certain iOS versions, I can create a configuration set which will then do the hard job of producing all possible combinations for my test runs.

Now that the configurations have been added at the site level, any project admin can then turn on the configuration that they want for their project. Under the field settings, select the Configuration field and choose which configurations you want your testers to focus on during their executions. This helps to control and plan configurations that are only necessary for each project team. Project admins can also use labels to help distinguish which configurations are needed to select. Over in test execution, testers now have the option to choose which run configurations are needed in their test planning.

Sit back and let qTest auto-generate your test run combinations.