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How to Create Custom Quality Charts

Create your favorite test execution reports with qTest Insights

With qTest Insights, you can create custom test execution reports and quality charts from your filtered data. Select the explore data option, and begin filtering the data you want to see in the chart.

In this example, I only want to show all test case data from my Project titles Product A – Insights demo. Once the filter is set, select the chart tab to view the different types available, such as bar graphs, heat maps and pie charts. Notice that there are multiple chart options to view the data, such as bar and pie, graph, and heat maps.

In this bar graph, I want know the number of test runs in each module folder, while comparing it with the type of test case. As I hover each bar graph, I can see the number of tests runs in each module per test case type. In this case, I have a test case type of ‘manual’ and ‘scenario’ to be displayed.

Select the nine box to save the chart name. Now you have a new chart option for both shared and personal dashboards.