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How To Create Test Plans with qTest Manager

Learn how to create a test plan in qTest Manager.

The test plan is where users can set up schedules, and time frames around the testing that needs to be accomplished.

In this release, I have created a scheduled time frame along with adding requirements to the scope this this release. Once requirements are added to the scope of release, we can create build artifacts that help group when the requirements will be delivered.

How to Create a Test Plan

To create a new test schedule, you can copy and paste from existing releases. Or select the release ICON to start fresh.

The test plan is carried over into the Test Execution tab so that you can easily begin assigning and grouping test runs for execution

You can also create Test Runs outside of activities done in your test plan and house them under Cycles and Test suites for test execution not related to a specific plan.

Once you plan, test cycles, and test suites have been created, you are ready to start adding test runs.