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Learn how to create custom test case reports

qTest allows you to access to all your data through are intuitive data query generator.

Instead of needed to know complex table queries, qTest’s Data Query module allows you to find the data you need without the hassle.

qTest will come standard with of System Queries which can then be customized. Here I am building a new query that pulls in all test runs that are assigned to my username, and that do not have a test run equal to passed so that I know which runs to start executing., and save it as a personal query.

I also have the ability to save each query for my own person view and also customize which data columns are presented.

To rapidly reorganize my test efforts, use the batch edit button to change data points, such as the assigned to or execution type

These queries can be used for personal benefit, or be shared with the team to make sure you all marching toward the same goals.

Don’t forget, this same data query function is accessible across all modules, and is a a great way to pull in your test execution when adding test runs during execution.