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How to View and Filter Automated Test Schedules

Filter and View Automation Hosts

Now that you’ve set up multiple test automation hosts across your qTest projects, let’s see how you can easily filter and view those hosts in qTest Launch.

Sort Execution Grid

In qTest Launch test execution grid, I can quickly sort by status, version type, job schedule, number of agents, even the polling frequency of all my test automation hosts. Filter by a single or a multiple qTest projects, and select which filter you want to see, simply by typing in its name.

Filter by Host Status

Sometimes, test automation environments are offline or online depending on the host availability. Select a status drop-down to select the online and offline hosts to get a quick view of what’s in progress. Lastly, filter by your test automation host tags to quickly view machines associated with that tag.

Create Tags

I can also create a new tag by entering in, in the tags field on my test automation host. In this example, I want to designate all my test automation smoke tests to the test machine one.