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How to Map Jira Defect Statuses

To edit your Jira Defect Status Mapping settings, select the Settings tab and then select Jira Defect Status Mapping from the menu.

The Jira Defect Status Mapping page displays. This feature allows you Map Jira Status values onto a set or sets of standardized Insights values. This is very useful for teams who may have multiple projects on Jira, each with Defect status values that, while referring the to the same kind of status, use different names. This allows teams not only to clean up and streamline their Insights environment, but also clean up their Jira environments as well

These Defect Statuses will show up in the Portfolio Report. To add a status mapping, select the add icon. From the list of available projects, select the projects from which you want to map Jira defect status values by dragging and dropping the projects from the Available projects to selected projects menu.

Select Ok.

The Defect Status mapping dialog display. As you can see, a user has already mapped the Jira Defect status value “closed” on to the Insights Status value “Done,” and has kept the same values for “In progress and “To do.” However, I want to add a another status mapping, so I select the Add icon.

Here, I select the Jira Status values that I want to map onto standard insights values. I want to map the value “Accepted” onto the standard Insights Value “Approved.” As I look at the rest of the Jira status values, I notice that “Confirmed” and “Approved” would also do well to be mapped onto the standard insights value “Approved.” Select update.

To edit an existing status mapping, select the pencil icon in the action column and edit the mapping criteria as you see fit. Here, I decide that I want defect with Jira status values “Done, “Closed,” “Fixed,” and “Resolved” to populate in my portfolio report under the defect status column titled “Closed.” Select update.

When you are done editing or adding status mappings, select update.

To edit an existing status mapping for another project, select the pencil icon in the action column, and edit the information as you see fit.

Once you are done, select update. When you are completely finished, select save to save your changes.

Users can also add a chart color for each status value. These colors will display in the Portfolio Overview as tags. To do so, select the chart color in the insights chart color column. The Insights Chart color dialogue opens. Here, you can enter he Var Char chart color, or select the color tile and visually choose the desired color. Once you are done, select save.

Your status mappings will now show up in the Insights Portfolio Report.

For more information, please refer to our videos on the Product Training site. Also, please check out our Help Guides on the Support site, and, as always, Happy Testing!