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Actionable, Real-Time Test Metrics with qTest Insights

Actionable, Real-Time QA Metrics for Testing.

Say goodbye to poor software testing metrics and reporting headaches with qTest Insights – a self-service business intelligence tool that allows you to consolidate, manage and analyze all your metrics for testing across projects.

Out-of-the-box Reporting

Insights comes with out-of-the-box, analysis reporting on test quality, coverage and velocity through you entire software testing life cycles. All test data is neatly packaged into interactive charts, tabs, heat maps and more with instant drill down capabilities.

Powerful Filtering Capabilities

Insights allows you to dive deeper into your test data than ever before, with powerful filtering, sorting, and grouping capabilities to take actionable steps when noticing software testing trends. Then create custom reports, charts and graphs so you can visualize the test metrics your teams needs to increase your speed to market.

Share Reports

Sharing testing progress can be a hassle, but with qTest Insights shared and personal dashboards, your teams will have a consolidated view of their most popular reports and metrics. Insights will also pull together requirement and defect data from popular agile, ALMs likes like JIRA so teams can act on the data connected with the qTest Platform.

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