Tosca Query Language

The Tosca Query Language (TQL) is a powerful search method that enables you to take full control of your project at any time. Become a search specialist in Tricentis Tosca using the Tosca Query Language (TQL).

What is the structure of the training?

The training focuses on three major sections: Tosca Query Language, the Object Model in Tosca and Virtual Folders.

How can you take the training?

The training is only available as a self-paced online course.

Self-paced Training

The Self-Paced Track is especially suitable for individuals and groups who need to fit their Tosca learning around a busy schedule. This training track is designed to be taken exclusively as self-paced training.

Track content

  • Access to Tricentis online training portal
  • 2 training modules incl. videos, exercise books, etc. – all training modules are offered as self-paced learning

Delivery method

  • Self-paced learning
  • Learning material is provided online
  • Approx. 2-5 hours average duration for completion


  • Automation Specialist Level 2