Instructor Led Training

TDM Studio Specialist Level 1

Course details

  • TDM Studio: Creation and management of templates, tasks and projects. Introduction of Test Data Language (TDL). Usage and creation of code snippets. Working with frames and frame pool. Usage of loops and branches. Integration of user functions and libraries. Usage of data pool.
  • TDM Studio Database Wizards: Usage of MS SQL Server database wizard (representative for all database wizards). Operating on databases. Creation of synthetic data and anonymization of data.
  • TDM Studio AutoLoader: Creating AutoLoader projects. Configuration of an AutoLoader project. Usage of an AutoLoader project.


The TDM Studio Specialist Level 1 will equip Tricentis Tosca users with the necessary practical knowledge to set up and run test data management tasks using Tricentis Tosca TDM Studio.

  • Prerequisite: Basic knowledge in software development and testing
  • Learn how to create anonymized, or synthetic data within Tricentis Tosca TDM Studio
  • Hands-on training onsite
  • Practical experience with Tricentis Tosca TDM Studio

What is TDM Studio Specialist Level 1?

The TDM Studio Specialist Level 1 course is your first step to becoming a specialist in test data generation with Tricentis Tosca TDM Studio. You will learn how to create and steer projects and templates. You also learn essential procedures for significantly simplifying your daily tasks with the help of automation. In addition, you will receive an introduction into setting up and using test data management with Tricentis Tosca TDM Studio.

What skills will you gain upon completing the course?

Skills that will be enhanced include:

  • Creating synthetic data for (CSV) files and database tables
  • Anonymizing data for (CSV) files and database tables
  • Using database wizards from TDM Studio
  • Creating individual user functions for TDM tasks

Course Details

  • Introduction of the user interface and basic functionality of TDM Studio
  • First steps with creating synthetic data for a CSV file
  • Usage of database wizard for MS SQL Server to create synthetic data for different tables and anonymizing data out of one database into another one.

Track Content

Instructor-led classroom training on TDM Studio, TDM Studio Database Wizards, and TDM Studio AutoLoader.

Delivery method

3 days of classroom training*

* Classroom training is limited to a group size of max. 10 students


  • Basic knowledge in software development
  • Basic knowledge in software testin