Training Course

Tosca Integration Developer

Course details

  • The training consists of four lessons: TCAddOn API, TCAPI, TC-Shell, and TC REST API.
  • TCAddOn API: Introduction to TCAddOn API and its three tasks (Context menu task, Ribbon menu task, Drop task). Learn how to implement TC AddOn API.
  • TC API: Introduction to TC API. Learn to access the Tosca objects from external C# based application. Learn how to implement TC API.
  • TC-Shell: Introduction to TC-Shell. Learn Interactive Mode and Script Mode. Learn how to implement TC-Shell.
  • TC REST API: Introduction to TC REST API. Learn to access Tosca workspace, objects used in Tosca Commander and perform operations on them (Platform Independent). Learn how to implement TC REST API.


This course details the use of Tricentis Tosca APIs which can be used to customize Tosca Menu options, perform scheduled tasks and provide building blocks to facilitate integration with other tools. This course also covers steering of Tricentis Tosca Commander via the command Line (TC-Shell).


  • Competency in C# programming language
  • Automation Engineer Level 2 certificate
  • Knowledge of Tosca Query Language
  • Practical experience with Tricentis Tosca preferred

Track Content

  • Access to Tricentis online training portal
  • 4 Lessons including – videos, examples, Sample Solution, etc.

Delivery Method

  • Self-paced learning
  • Learning material is provided online
  • 24 hours average duration for completion


  • Courseware: English