Agile Methodology

For large teams of software developers working on complex projects in the enterprise fields, the absence of the agile methodology of software development is almost unthinkable. Enterprise-level corporations must react quickly and efficiently to market requirements in order to achieve rapid time-to-market. As an effective end-to-end testing suite for enterprise, Tricentis Tosca is designed to integrate perfectly into the agile methodology of software development and smoothly supports continuous integration workflows, allowing code to be merged and tested rapidly.

Risk Coverage Optimization

Reducing the number of your testcases while minimizing maintenance efforts by effectively defining your testcases.

Software Development

Tricentis Tosca enables agile teams to fully adopt Test Driven Development, or Behavior Driven Development with seamless integration of manual and automated test cases in plain English.

Testing at the
Speed of Agile

Agile testing practices are key to delivering applications fast and with high levels of quality.

Let Tosca do the work for you

Tosca Recorder records and creates automated test cases in a flash! The best part of Tricentis Tosca is that it automatically recognizes previously-recorded controls and re-uses your test assets, meaning you always have redundancy-free test cases.

Optimize Agile Testing with Tricentis Tosca

One of the greatest challenges facing testing organizations is negotiating the transition to Agile testing. The agile methodology promises a much faster time-to-market, but only testing teams that can leverage automation tools throughout the testing cycle can make good on this promise. In this brief webinar, learn how the Tricentis’ approach can help your testing organization optimize its Agile testing processes.