Automated Software Testing

With the right tools and infrastructure, software testing can integrate smoothly into software development workflows. Robust functional and automated software testing tools such as Tricentis Tosca can greatly reduce the time, effort and money spent carrying out software tests while maximizing the amount of risk coverage.

Risk Coverage Optimization

Reducing the number of your testcases while minimizing maintenance efforts by effectively defining your testcases.


Whether it’s about DevOps, Continuous Integration or Continuous Testing, Tricentis emphasizes flexible and complete integrations of Tricentis Tosca with other tools.

Tricentis Tosca

Tricentis Tosca delivers performance improvement in software testing efficiency by a factor of 10, in comparison to traditional manual or script-based testing solutions.

Let Tosca do the Work for You

Tosca Recorder records and creates automated test cases in a flash! The best part of Tricentis Tosca is that it automatically recognizes previously-recorded controls and re-uses your test assets, meaning you always have redundancy-free test cases.

Test Automation for Beginners

How do I know which tests are the right tests? Do these tests cover enough of my business risk? How many test cases are enough? Manual or Automated testing? Get answers to these and other questions in our free webinar!