Tosca Automation Challenge

Tosca Automation Challenge is an event for Tosca Automation Specialists (AS) to build up sustainable, robust automated test cases.

The Tosca Automation Challenge is the first part of the Tosca Tournament which ends with Accelerate 2017.

Tosca Tournament Overview

  •  11/2016: Tosca Automation Challenge for Automation Specialists
  • 02/2017: Tosca Hack Week for Automation Engineers
  • 05/2017: Tosca Design Challenge for Test Design Specialists
  • 09/2017: Tosca Surprise Trophy
Tricentis Tosca Testsuite Automation Challenge 2017 Graphic


1. Place:

thamaraikannanwiproMr. Thamarai Kannan MS,
Test Lead at Wipro Limited in India
won one week with the Tosca Team in Vienna, Austria. Tricentis pays the flight and the hotel.

Almost all the features of Tosca. Top in the list are: Test Case Design Section, and Distributed Execution (DEX)

6 Years and 2 months

A project which involved ActiveMQ message validations through Tosca, where there were a lot of messages in the queue and the testing was to pick the right message from the queue and validate the same.

2. Place:

Dr. Cord Erdenberger,
Business analyst at Dirk Rossmann GmbH in Germany
won an iPad Mini 32 GB WiFi.

My favorite feature in Tosca is the TestCase-Design. It really helps to keep a clear structure in your test project if used right from the beginning.

I have been using Tosca for two years.

The most challenging Tosca project was the automation of our cash register system. To begin with, there were several thousand test scenarios which up to then had to be executed manually. The most complex part was the promotion engine (couponing, etc.) which sported numerous combinations of different types of rebates. Thanks to Tosca’s TestCase-Design these could be reduced to a manageable number of test cases.

3. Place:

Mr. Naveen Raghunath,
Automation Specialist at Accenture
won a Smart Watch Pebble 2.

Tosca has many cool and unique features such as Orchestrated Service Virtualization, Model-based Test automation, Test Data Design & Generation, Risk Coverage optimization etc. I like Model-based Automation and Test Data Design feature the most.

I have been using Tosca for around 8 months.

The current banking project is a challenging project with Tosca in designing the Automation Test Suite. In this, data flows between multiple systems and different workflows are dependent on these. GUI controls are more complex and we are currently using multiple custom controls to handle it. However, we are well established with the initial design now and Tosca as an overall tool helping us in increasing the test automation rates and creating robust test cases.

4. Place:

albertroossogetiMr. Albert Roos,
Testtool Consultant at Sogeti Netherlands BV in Netherlands
won a LaMetric Time, an internet-connected clock.

There isn’t just one feature I like most. I like the ability to use TestCaseDesign, TDM, and the automation of test scripts to setup a test framework that is easy to use and to maintain, also for team members that don’t have a technical background in testing. With TestCaseDesign you will be able to implicate the business in the testing process, with TDM you will have the ability to control your own Test data and are no longer dependent on static data that can be changed by everyone. In the automation part of Tosca, you will have the ability reuse all of your test automation scripts/functionality and therefore maintenance only has to be done in 1 place.

I started to use Tosca early 2013, so nearly 3 years.

The most challenging project with Tosca was performing an upgrade of Tosca 8.1 to 9.1. The upgrade affected 16 teams and 106 users of Tosca that were all working on the same repository. Also, the installation of Tosca had to be packaged to meet company policy, before it could be rolled out to all users. So there were a lot of risks that needed to be covered, like customization, company policy settings and all that had to be done in one environment where the repository was located.

5. Place:

Ms. Jayati Srivastava,
Tosca Expert at EdgeVerve Systems Limited in India
won a BB-8 Sphero, an App Enabled Star Wars Droid.

The Test Case Design part in Tosca is very efficient and simplifies the data fetching to a large extent.

I have recently been introduced to Tosca, 8 Months.

We are using Tosca to automate the Finacle system based application. This has some of the most complex validations and conditions to be put. Meeting these complexities has been the most challenging till now.

All participants will receive a Tosca Automation Challenge 2016 T-Shirt.

Thank You to our Partners

We congratulate all winners and thank all our partners and customers who participated in the Tosca Automation Challenge.

Participant Feedback

The Automation Challenge was really tricky and I enjoyed participating it. Appreciate Tricentis for this good initiative and looking forward to more of them. This really helps increase our knowledge and keeping us more focused and learn from the tool usage, standards, and test design.

The past few days have been really exciting putting together a robust framework for TAC-2106

I want to thank you for the opportunity, I did learn some new tricks.

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