Recently the Support Team at Tricentis celebrated the 4 week anniversary of the launch of their brand new and updated Support Portal. Haven’t seen it yet? Check it out here!

Over this time frame the Support Team has received a lot of feedback on the new page – not only from Customers and Partners but also internally from many departments and colleagues. To thank their colleagues for the truckload of responses, the Support team brought a truckload of donuts in to the office.

True to form as an Agile enterprise company, the Tricentis team made quick work of deploying the goods. You can find the short SDLC (Support Doughnut Life Cycle) documented in the pictures below.


Initial doughnut implementation:

A Support Doughnut Life Cycle


Meeting to discuss doughnut eating strategy:

A Support Doughnut Life Cycle


Quick execution:

A Support Doughnut Life Cycle