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Automated SAP testing, API testing, and Service Virtualization at SAP Sapphire 2017

SAP Sapphire is where the greatest minds on SAP and SAP testing come together every year. Tricentis’ Wayne Ariola talks about SAP testing, API testing, Service Virtualization, and more in a series of interviews on the SAP Sapphire show floor.

API Testing

“In order to achieve greater degrees of test automation, we need to move beyond the UI layer and into the API layer. By doing this, and automating tests where there is a bit more stability, we are able to actually create greater and greater degrees of test automation as well as application coverage.”

Service Virtualization

“Service Virtualization can replace your test environment dependencies, allowing you to complete your test any time, anywhere.”

Autonomous SAP Testing

“[Autonomous SAP testing] allows you to collect real user behavior, and transition those into realistic, comprehensive, automated test suites. This allows you to exercise, understand, and validate your SAP systems. “

Testing SAP Business Processes with Tricentis Tosca

“Why use Tricentis Tosca for testing SAP business processes? Forone, Tricentis Tosca has the most complete out-of-the-box coverage in the industry for Fiori based operations.”

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