Tricentis has acquired Flood IO: the industry’s most flexible and scalable on-demand load testing solution.

Flood helps development and testing teams understand how their applications scale with massive load generated from around the world. Flood’s breakthrough technology frees load testing from resource-intensive performance labs and “shifts it left” with a simplified and highly-scalable approach. It’s load testing architected for the needs of DevOps.

Together, Tricentis and Flood are transforming load testing for today’s lean, fast-paced delivery pipelines.

Load Testing for the DevOps Era

Traditionally, load testing was deferred until the late phases of release cycles that lasted months. Specialized performance testers applied legacy performance testing tools to validate application performance prior to release. However, now that teams are incrementally releasing new functionality weekly, daily, or hourly, that traditional approach creates a process cadence mismatch.

Ensuring a positive user experience with each update is now more critical than ever, but legacy performance testing approaches lack the speed and flexibility needed to integrate into modern DevOps cultures, toolchains, and delivery pipelines. Today, developers want to performance-tune their updates as soon as they’re implemented. Moreover, the entire DevOps team requires instant insight into whether any incremental changes negatively impact the performance of existing functionality.

Flood helps developers and testers “shift left” load testing and apply Continuous Load Testing. Flood distributes test plans from open source tools such as JMeter, Gatling, and Selenium across hundreds of servers in the cloud. It also allows users to “flood” any HTTP endpoint on-the-fly. Teams can start load testing new functionality implemented via microservices, RESTful APIs, WebSockets, or other supported technology as soon as it’s developed. A developer or tester can instantly generate over 1M globally-distributed requests per second from his or her local machine—without dealing with the hassles of infrastructure setup or correlating distributed results.

“We previously had very specialized tools for load and performance testing that were quite expensive. They were very richly featured—but completely disconnected from our everyday development tools,” explained Andrew Midgley, Software Testing Lead at REA, a digital advertising company that operates Australia’s leading property websites and real estate websites in Europe, Asia and the US. “We ended up with a couple of engineers who were quite good at load and performance testing with our enterprise tools, but the majority of engineers found the barriers too great. With Flood, we have moved to an approach which is far more inclusive and utilizes many of the tools our engineers are working with on a daily basis.”

Thanks to Flood’s powerful AWS-driven scaling, the same core set of load tests can be leveraged to meet different performance testing demands throughout the build-deploy pipeline. Teams can instantly scale load up or down, making it simple for any team member or automated process to generate the exact load needed for a particular goal or pipeline phase. Flood covers all load testing needs—from interactive developer performance tuning with real-time results, to automated CI-driven Continuous Load Testing under a typical load, to nightly testing under a heavier load, to comparing major feature updates versus previous performance benchmarks.

In the spirit of DevOps, Tricentis is committed to supporting open source testing and already provides integrations for popular tools such as Selenium and SoapUI. The investment in Flood extends that support to embrace open source load testing platforms including JMeter, Gatling, and Selenium. Unlike other load testing tools, Flood places no limit on the number of virtual users or tests executed; teams pay only for the infrastructure used. In addition to having Flood’s infrastructure distribute test plans across hundreds of servers in multiple AWS regions, teams can use Flood with their own AWS instances. The Flood API enables seamless integration into CI tools and a best-of-breed DevOps toolchain.

Flood + Tricentis: Extending Continuous Testing to Continuous Load Testing

Tricentis is recognized for transforming traditional testing to meet the needs of Agile and DevOps processes. This acquisition broadens that mission to embrace load and performance testing—enabling teams to “shift left” load testing and integrate Continuous Load Testing into their delivery pipelines.

“Times have changed. Old performance testing approaches are too late, too heavy, and too slow for today’s lean, fast-paced delivery pipelines,” explained Sandeep Johri, CEO of Tricentis. “Yet, releasing updates without insight into their performance impact is incredibly dangerous in today’s world—with competitors just a click away. Flood’s technology offers DevOps teams unparalleled flexibility for load testing early and continuously. This acquisition enables us to take our mission of ‘transforming testing for DevOps’ to the next level.”

The Flood team has joined Tricentis and will continue driving the Flood technology forward. “At Flood, we set out to build insanely easy-to-use performance testing tools that help teams scale their apps to millions of users,” remarked Tim Koopmans, Flood co-founder. “Joining forces with Tricentis will help us advance our vision for achieving Continuous Load Testing in a DevOps environment. We’re excited about the opportunity to accelerate the path to Continuous Testing—making it faster and easier to ensure that applications meet users’ rising expectations.”

To bring load testing into the fold of Tricentis’ Continuous Testing platform, the upcoming Tricentis-Flood integration allows teams to perform load testing with Tricentis Tosca’s scriptless functional test cases. This enables teams to:

  • Start load testing with any Tricentis Tosca cross-browser test case
  • Create smoke tests on the fly with the Tricentis Tosca recorder
  • Integrate load testing into CI for immediate feedback
  • Identify performance problems early—when they’re easiest to fix

About Flood IO

Flood is a load testing platform that lets you run globally-distributed performance tests with your favorite open source tools, including JMeter, Gatling and Selenium. Scale out your flood load tests for maximum concurrency and throughput at any given time. We’ll take care of the infrastructure and provide aggregated, real-time reporting. Our distributed grid infrastructure was built with a “shared nothing” architecture that lets us scale horizontally beyond the capabilities of any other load testing service on the market today.

Whether you need to load test a single URL, simulate realistic browser behavior with Selenium, or execute large concurrency and volume with JMeter or Gatling, Flood provides a simple and affordable platform for scaling load tests on demand. Start a free trial at

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