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Reach your testing goals faster with Tricentis 24/7 Platinum Support

In the fast-paced world of software testing, best-in-class support must do more than quickly resolve your challenges. Tricentis Platinum Support personalizes your support journey with a go-to rep and advances your entire team’s knowledge with unlimited online training. What’s more, tailored product releases keep you on top of your testing game with new feature testing, enhanced solutions, and feedback opportunities.

Satisfied customers

We’re proud that our platinum customers are extremely pleased with this level of service, and we work diligently to keep their satisfaction score at 100%. We owe this largely to the advantage of a designated personal representative, who goes the extra mile to ensure their platinum customers’ success. Far fewer support incidents are raised by our platinum group. When issues are raised, they’re addressed at a remarkable rate – up to 10 times quicker. Our platinum customers are truly our elite group who have the luxury of first-in-line support.   

A test manager at a multinational banking and financial services company recently commented: “Whether I’m looking for assistance with a complex challenge or an unexpected curveball, my designated agent goes above and beyond to solve my issue. Feeling routinely empowered by a support team is a rarity that does not go unnoticed.”

Turbocharge your testing 

If you’re interested in Platinum Support, get in touch with us to discuss your tailored agreement and pricing. We are offering a limited number of free platinum trials on a first come first served basis. Contact us to see if you’re eligible.

Oliver Allabauer
VP Support
Alexandra Brandstädter
Program Manager Platinum Support
Alexander Mundorff
SVP Support