Mobile testing

6 Reasons Tricentis’ Mobile Testing and Sauce Labs Are a Match Made in the Cloud[s]

1. Your mobile application doesn’t need any instrumentation before testing, either locally or in the cloud

With Tricentis’ Mobile Engine 3.0, you can test the same mobile application you release to your customers. There is no need to modify anything or even to have a source. Just connect your device, prepare your application file, and start your test automation journey. You can do exactly the same for devices located in the Sauce Labs cloud.

2. We both take mobile testing very seriously and support automation on everything available:  emulators, simulator and real devices.

Mobile Engine 3.0 allows you to test your mobile application on real devices, simulators and emulators, tablets and smartphones. Sauce Labs has the same approach – making your tests even more powerful. This way, you can maximize your testing coverage on any device you wish.

3. With Tricentis’ and Sauce Labs’ joint solutions, you can marry requirements to all your test cases (including mobile) to understand what your risk coverage is.

Managing your test portfolio and maintaining risk levels is a crucial part of any application success. With Tricentis’ Test Case Design and complex risk management solutions, you can easily maintain your mobile testing world, regardless of whether it’s locally or in the cloud.

4. You can run Tricentis Tosca mobile tests without any changes on Sauce Labs cloud.

Tricentis’ model based test automation approach allows you to easily create and maintain tests. With Mobile Engine 3.0, your application can be automated without a single line of script. To make things even easier, the same test cases designed in Tricentis can also be executed in the Sauce Lab cloud.

5. Both Tricentis Tosca and Sauce Labs can run your Selenium scripts.

Don’t worry if you already have some Selenium scripts automating your web applications within browsers. Tricentis Tosca can execute them without any changes, and provide you with the full report at the end. Furthermore, the same Selenium script you run on your own or with Tricentis Tosca can also be run on the Sauce Labs cloud on a desktop browser.

6. Both Tricentis and Sauce Labs absolutely love Appium.

Appium is an extremely powerful open source framework for automation of mobile applications. It’s active community and constant improvements convinced Tricentis that this is the best tool to power its  new Mobile Engine. Sauce Labs came to a similar conclusion – they not only integrate with Appium, but are also a big contributor.

Want to learn more about how Tricentis Continuous Testing Platform, it’s mobile testing solution and how it works together with Sauce Labs? Come by the Tricentis booth #4 at SauceCon 2018 for a live demo and Q&A.