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A newbie’s take on the 2021 Tricentis R&D kickoff

By Mihaela Alexe, User Experience Designer at Tricentis

The 2021 Tricentis Research & Development Kickoff wasn’t just a meeting – it was an experience!

Two weeks prior to the two-day event, I wasn’t yet a Tricentis employee. I was settling into my new Vienna apartment with no furniture and trying to figure out how things in Austria worked. I moved from my native Romania to Vienna to take a job as a product designer at Tricentis. The prospect of designing a new generation of tools for testers was too good an opportunity to pass up.

As with any new job, there are always questions. Will it live up to the high expectations set during the interview? Are the people actually that friendly day in and day out? Will I really have a chance to make an impact, or were they just trying to “sell” me?

After the kickoff, all my questions were answered. Tricentis delivered on its promises…and more.

Kickoff meetings are critical to a company’s culture. Their role is to create alignment within the teams, foster company culture, and (last but not least) drive transparency and alignment around the company’s mission and product strategy. The time flew by as we covered topics like scaling the team, OKRs, user experience, and updates from the various cross-functional teams (product security, program management, and release management). The level of enthusiasm was contagious.

Even though I was only two weeks into my new job, I already had a voice at the company. I was encouraged to ask hard questions, offer feedback, and share my insights. People here don’t just talk about inclusion; the kickoff was designed to maximize inclusion. What’s more, this event was held virtually across multiple geographic locations and many time zones. Since it was that much fun online, I can’t imagine how much fun it will be when we’re all together in person.

Being two weeks into my job, I didn’t know half the terms and acronyms that people were using. But one thing was clear: the passion and drive of all the teams involved – not just for the products we’re creating, but also for each other. Throughout the presentations, people were encouraged to leave comments in our Slack channel and give “#kudos’ to the presenters and each other. I’m proud to work for a company that values celebrating others by genuinely recognizing and appreciating their work.

The energy and excitement at the kickoff was unlike anything I’ve seen before. 2021 promises to be a very exciting year for Tricentis and I am looking forward to being part of this journey!