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Accelerate 2019: 2 new keynotes, the “Great Debate” topic, and more

Accelerate 2019 Vienna is all about “Automation @ The Speed of Change.” The current “speed of change” to the conference agenda is also quite staggering. Every day, we’ve been adding great new speakers and learning opportunities to the already jam-packed lineup. Here are a few of the most recent additions….

Craig Le Clair keynote on Resilient Automation

On Thursday, Forrester VP and Principal Analyst Craig Le Clair will explore what “Automation @ The Speed of Change” means for the business and how to achieve it. During his session, Craig will be unveiling Forrester’s latest research on what’s really required to adopt and scale enterprise automation, including

  • The industry’s current state of automation maturity
  • What the top automation leaders do differently
  • The greatest barriers to sustainable automation
  • The business impact of brittle automation

[Craig discusses his new book: Invisible Robots in the Quiet of the Night]

Anil Cheriyan keynote on tackling digital transformation today

From public agencies to private companies, digital transformation is imperative today—or you risk becoming obsolete tomorrow. Anil Cheriyan has led many large-scale transformation projects across both private and public organizations. In a Wednesday morning keynote, Anil will share the story behind successful digital transformation initiatives and why continuous change is the new reality for every organization. He will explore the top challenges that IT leaders face in getting these projects to the finish line, as well as how attendees can best contribute to project success.

[Read Anil’s recent articles on The Enterpriser’s Project]

The Great Debate: How automation impacts jobs

In polite conversation, technologists focus on how automation improves employee morale by relieving workers from boring, repetitive tasks. They paint the picture of a not-so-distant future where automation magically completes that work that everyone dreads, allowing humans to focus on creative, interesting, and value-added tasks. But is this too optimistic? If you ask a CFO about why they are investing in automation, it’s clear that the ROI is driven by “productivity “ and ultimately the reduction of headcount—not employee happiness.

This conference’s “Great Debate” promises to take an honest look at the true impact that automation has on the workforce. The all-star panel will explore questions such as:

  • Does automation truly replace jobs—or does it help the worker achieve more?
  • If jobs are truly shifted, what do these jobs look like?
  • How can you work with (or without) automation to avoid becoming obsolete?
  • What can you do now to prepare for the shift?

[Read InfoWorld‘s recap of a previous “Great Debate”]

More exciting news, coming soon

We have a few more surprises coming soon, including some exciting news from Tricentis Founder Wolfgang Platz. Stay tuned—or better yet, register for Accelerate so that you’re the first to know.