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Highlights – Accelerate Virtual 2020

Attending a virtual conference can be a welcome change to the new routines of a social distancing workday. That’s certainly how all of us at Tricentis felt about Accelerate Virtual 2020, where we welcomed nearly 5,000 global attendees across our Americas, Europe and Asia-Pacific events over the last two weeks. 

If you didn’t have time to attend Accelerate Virtual 2020 or want to revisit your favorite sessions, you can watch them all on demand now. We hope these stories of success from your peers and messages from our executives offer you both a break from the day-to-day and a healthy dose of inspiration for the future. Read on for a recap of some of our favorite moments from the conference.

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Keynotes from the Tricentis C-Suite 

Accelerate Virtual welcome from CEO Sandeep Johri 

Just like every other Tricentis Accelerate conference (check out past highlights reels here), CEO Sandeep Johri kicked off the day by sharing our company values, this time with an emphasis on how they’ve come into play during recent weeks.  

Tricentis CEO Sandeep Johri welcomed attendees.

“In times like this, it’s really useful to fall back on your values,” Johri said. “We’ve been living out our values of customer success, continuous innovation, one team, empowerment and accountability and giving back since our beginning.”  

Two values in particular have come into sharper focus amid the pandemic, Johri said: giving back and customer success. He shared a few examples, including how Tricentis has helped the University of Washington increase its computing capacity to process COVID-19 data, our decision to offer Tricentis Flood at no cost to NGOs worldwide, and the ways in which Tricentis employees across the globe have volunteered within their local communities. Read more about Tricentis’ response to the pandemic in Forbes.

We’ve turned our attention to helping customers make the most of the Tricentis Platform’s remote collaboration capabilities, so that they can continue to meet expectations remotely without compromising on delivery speed. To that end, we’ve also extended free access to Tricentis Academy training courses through the end of May. 

Watch Now: Sandeep Johri’s Accelerate Virtual Keynote

Software testing post-COVID-19 with Wolfgang Platz, CSO 

Some of you may have noticed that Tricentis founder and Chief Strategy Officer Wolfgang Platz’s presentation topic changed shortly before Accelerate. After ruminating on the significant economic impacts of COVID-19, Platz said he felt compelled to address what’s on every tester’s mind today: how current events will shape the future of software testing.

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A slide from the Tricentis founder’s Accelerate Virtual presentation.

COVID-19 has put unique pressure on software delivery teams, Platz said. While some industries experience surges in demand and must deliver faster, others must find ways to reduce costs as demand takes a hit. Whether you’re being asked to deliver for less or in less time, one requirement remains the same: you must find a way to do it without compromising quality. 

Platz shared a few examples of how the Tricentis Platform is mitigating this tension for Tricentis customers, including a preview of the AI-powered natural language processing features that Tricentis has in the works, which Tricentis’ VP of AI & Machine Learning David Colwell covered in more detail later in the day.  

Watch Now: Software Testing After a Pandemic 

Advice from the experts  

Michael Bolton on testing deep and shallow  

Keynote speaker Michael Bolton shows off his home office.

Michael Bolton is a software testing consultant and teacher – and a riot! He introduced us to the well-stocked bookcases in his home office before giving a 20-minute presentation, or in Bolton’s words, “a shallow talk on deep testing.” 

The testing business has a problem, Bolton said: Testers are able to explain how they tested something, but struggle to convey how well they tested it. 

Unlike other disciplines, testing doesn’t seem to have a language to describe if it’s been done well or poorly. It’s easy to think of words to describe testing’s functionality, but it’s much more difficult to think of words that describe testing’s quality or extent — in other words, the level of depth that was achieved. 

Watch this session to learn how Bolton defines the difference between a shallow and deep testing analysis, and why thinking this way is so important. A hint: It can help you focus your energy on business problems that matter, without slowing down development.  

Watch Now: Testing Deep and Shallow 

Stories of customer success 

McKesson and more share their testing wins with Tricentis 

Longtime Tricentis customers Experian, Guardian Life Insurance and Nationwide Insurance returned to Accelerate to share their how they solved testing challenges and achieved their software delivery and digital transformation goals with the Tricentis Platform (find all of their sessions here).  

This year, we were honored to welcome Danial Khan, McKesson’s Service Transition Director, to the virtual stage for a presentation titled “Closing the Test Automation Loop.” McKesson’s vision is to “improve care in every setting — one product, one partner, one patient at a time.” But having a vision for quality will only go so far without a plan for delivering it consistently. You might call McKesson, which has earned a spot among Fortune’s 7 Most Admired Companies, something of an expert in this area.

The company currently delivers a third of the prescriptions in North America, a feat that requires the flawless execution of end-to-end transactions across a complex, highly integrated infrastructure that spans mainframe, on-premise environments and the cloud — and includes one of the largest SAP environments in healthcare. Watch this session to learn how McKesson modernized testing to deliver consistent quality and ship software updates in record time.  

Watch Now: Closing the Test Automation Loop: How McKesson Unified and Scaled Automation to Ship Software Updates in Record Time

Additional highlights 

Above, we’ve shared just a few highlights from our biggest Accelerate conference yet. But there was much more to the day, and it’s all available online. Additional highlights include: 

Accelerate Virtual 2020 wrapped up with inspiring closing remarks from Sandeep Johri and the closing of many laptops. Thank you to everyone who joined us online.