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Advance your test automation skills—at no cost—through Tricentis School

In March 2020—as COVID-19 restrictions were first rolled out worldwide—Tricentis decided to offer free access to Tricentis Academy training courses. Quite frankly, we were blown away by the response from the testing community. Over 24,000 certificates were completed in just 2 months. This prompted us to review our strategy, and we decided to make it even easier for our customers and users to access our award-winning content

In response, Tricentis Academy totally revamped our content delivery systems to simplify access to our free courses. This led to the launch of Tricentis School. With this new approach, anyone can access core Academy course offerings—as well as obtain a training license and product downloads—in a matter of seconds. 

This is fantastic news for customers and the Tricentis user base, who now have frictionless access to Academy courses. It’s simple to jump in and start learning new skills—whether you are just getting started with our products or you are looking to build advanced test automation expertise. 

Additionally, the new platform allows us to add more courses, more quickly. We have already added three more courses: SAP Testing Specialist Level 1Tosca Data Integrity Specialist, and Boost Business Outcomes Via QA Transformation. In the next few weeks, we will also be introducing a qTest Explorer course and 3 new LiveCompare courses. 

This is just the first stage in our plans to revolutionize the Tricentis Education offering. We also have a second portal—Tricentis Certifications—which is accessible via the support portal. Here, we will be adding a new type of program: one that tests, and then certifies, existing knowledge of our platforms and products. This will be the gold standard of automated testing! We aim to launch this at the beginning of 2021…so keep an eye out for it! 

Additional learning opportunities 

Looking for more right away? Here’s a quick reminder about two additional (free) learning opportunities that we’re proud to offer: 

YouTube channel 

Subscribe to our Academy YouTube channel for access to a catalog of hundreds of short learning videos, with new content being added every week. A great place to get started is our video on Taking the First Steps in Tosca Commander

Product training webinars 

Register for our introductory webinars on Tricentis Tosca and Tricentis qTest for 45-90 minute deep dives. We have upcoming sessions covering:  

  • Introduction to Tosca 
  • qTest Manager and Explorer 
  • qTest Manager and Reporting