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Product updates

August release LiveCompare’s Impact Analysis improves support for SAP application capabilities, APIs, security authentication

Our product team has taken impact analysis to a whole new level. You’ll want to analyze every SAP transport, ChaRM ID & OSS note with LiveCompare’s expanded support for identifying impacted SAP smart forms, RFCs, IDoc APIs, and security roles.

To learn more, check out the videos below, or read full release notes here.

  • Impacted Smart Forms and RFCs
  • Impacted APIs & Security Roles
  • Agile Tosca Integration

Impacted smart forms and RFCs

In addition to supporting classic used objects (transactions, programs, & web apps), LiveCompare now identifies impacted Smart Forms & RFCs. Smart Forms have been a popular SAP feature over the last 20 years but they are often under the radar for testing. Check out the below video on how LiveCompare’s assesses impact for Smart Forms.

RFCs (Remote Function Calls) is the standard SAP interface for communication between systems. Communication can be disrupted or can fail due to change. LiveCompare now identifies all impacted RFCs providing more coverage to achieve zero production defects.

Impacted IDocs APIs & security roles

LiveCompare’s impact analysis now identifies impacted and most-at-risk IDocs. IDocs are a common API to transfer data to and from SAP systems. LiveCompare identifies the used IDocs, then analyzes changed objects to determine the impact on inbound and outbound partner profiles.

  • Used IDocs: Identify and save to the “IDoc cache” data source
    • By caching used IDocs to the LiveCompare server, impact run times improves substantially
  • Impacted Partner Profiles: Report on impacted inbound and outbound partner profiles including related function groups, message & IDoc types

LiveCompare can now identify impacted security authorization roles when authorization related objects are changed. LiveCompare scans change events and surfaces any security related changes, such as:

Impacted Roles

  • New authorization objects introduced
  • Changing object and/or activity level values
  • Removed authorization objects

Impacted Users

  • In addition, LiveCompare reports back the impacted Accounts that have changed roles assigned to them

Tosca integration

As one of the components of the Tricentis continuous testing platform, LiveCompare has become more agile with improved integration features. Now you can quickly and easily integrate LiveCompare with Tricentis Tosca workspaces within the studio administration hierarchy.

With the Tosca workspace integration, LiveCompare summarizes your most-at-risk objects along with their test case coverage status.

Test cases with most-at-risk objects automatically populate the Tosca execution module. Most-at-risk objects with no related test case populate as new requirements.

LiveCompare Tosca Execution Lists