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API testing

Tosca update: AWS API testing and Artemis ActiveMQ support

As more of our customers move to cloud infrastructure, the complexities of testing middleware continue to rise. In this release, we focused specifically on improving Tosca’s API testing capabilities to support the notifications systems of AWS and ActiveMQ Artemis.  

Keep checking back this year as we start to offer wider cloud support for other vendors like Azure and Google.  

AWS API Testing

For AWS, we’ve added support for simple notification service (SNS) and simple queuing service (SQS) to our API testing stack. We worked directly with customers in their AWS environments to make sure their API testing strategy could leverage these new API features with Tosca.    

In the video below, we show some quick examples of how you can use Tosca API testing to:

  • Push/publish SNS topics
  • Push/publish SQS queues 
  • Pull/retrieve messages 

ActiveMQ Artemis API Testing

Although we already had support for ActiveMQ, we’ve extended our API testing support to now support Artemis. Artemis and ActiveMQ might appear to be the same technology; however, they actually have different code bases. Artemis supports JMS 2.0 and might be the successor of ActiveMQ in the future.

For this reason, we’ve released support for both use cases, in case of technology adoption quickly changing to Artemis. These API protocols can also be reused as virtual services using Tricentis OSV.

In the below video, we show how to use the Tosca API Scan to push and consume Artemis messages.