Continuous Testing
June 20, 2017

What is Continuous Testing?—A Crash Course for Software Testers

What is Continuous Testing? Why should software testers care—and how do you start evolving from automated to continuous testing?
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Test-Driven Service Virtualization feature image
Continuous TestingService Virtualization
March 28, 2017

Test-Driven Service Virtualization: How to Make Service Virtualization a Reality for Testers

Service Virtualization is more “virtual reality” than “real reality” for many software testers—even those whose organizations have already deployed Service Virtualization tools. Learn how Test-Driven…
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Agile Testing/DevOpsContinuous Testing
March 13, 2017

Agile is All about Change – Why Does Testing Remain the Same?

When organizations adopt Agile and DevOps, testing often remains fundamentally unchanged. Yet, traditional testing undermines Agile and DevOps objectives...and test automation alone is not sufficient...
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