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Continuous testing

Continuous Testing in 2019: What You Missed (Already)

If the volume of Continuous Testing content produced and discussed in January is any indication, 2019 is poised to be a breakthrough year for Continuous Testing.

Unless you’re as obsessed with Continuous Testing as we are, you probably missed at least a few of the new Continuous Testing resources that people are already talking about. Here’s a quick recap of new Continuous Testing articles, blogs, and ebooks that were published in the last month:

The 4 Keys to Effective Continuous Testing

Lubos Parobek outlines 4 critical pillars for Continuous Testing success: 1) Make a cultural commitment to collaboration and quality 2) Apply a broad range of tests, anchored by automation 3) Leverage cloud for breadth and scalability 4) Develop a strategic approach to analytics.

Continuous Testing Reference Guide

This Dzone guide explores what Continuous Testing really involves, presents new research on why it’s so critical for Agile + DevOps, and offers tips to help you make it a reality in your own team and organization. There are four main sections: 1) Continuous Testing vs Test Automation 2) Continuous Testing and Agile + DevOps Success 3) The Top Roadblocks to Continuous Testing  4) The Path to Continuous Testing.

Resolving Software Failures with Continuous Testing

After making a great case for the importance of Continuous Testing and showing that the industry, as a whole, is far from where we need to be, this article outlines some process changes that are helpful for bridging the gap. It closes by suggesting how AI can help us bring test automation to an acceptable level.

Crowdsourced Continuous Testing with Rainforest’s Derek Choy

This podcast + transcript explores a Continuous Testing angle that’s rarely discussed: Crowdsourced Continuous Testing. In addition to looking at how crowdsourcing can be used to scale Continuous Testing, the discussion also touches upon hot topic issues like When can you release without adequate testing?  and What level of quality is really required for an MVP?

5 Trends that Will Shape Testing in 2019

This Forbes article predicts that the following 5 trends will change and shape testing this year: 1) Organizations look to shift testing left 2) Developers embrace headless testing, 3) Cloud brings agility, scalability, and cost control to testing 4) Late adopters seek increased automation 5) New testing frameworks start to emerge.

Testing Can Hold Back Digital Transformation—Or Drive it Forward

If you have a slow testing process standing between highly-accelerated development and operations processes, you can’t achieve the desired delivery speed…period. This article looks at how several organizations are transforming their testing process to remove this bottleneck, and what impact it’s having on the business.

The State of Continuous Testing: It’s a Journey, Not a Destination

Christopher Null provides a sobering look at the current state of Continuous Testing. Two of the core challenges with Continuous Testing, he writes, are 1) brittle tests triggering false positives that are time-consuming to review and resolve and 2) tests that aren’t sophisticated enough to expose the defects lurking in the application.