Product Updates

July 2019 Release Enables Enterprises to Kick-Start RPA Using Tosca Test Cases

There is a convergence going on in test automation and RPA. However, as we have written about this topic before, it’s not so easy to use traditional RPA solutions for test automation.

But what about using test automation for RPA?

This Tricenits RPA release will be a huge leap forward for kick starting you RPA bot creation. We’ve added a seamless way to convert your Tosca test automation into RPA bots. Plus there are more ways to make your Bots more resilient and support broader technologies.

One-Click Conversion

By using both Tricentis Tosca and Tricentis RPA, teams can convert test cases into automated bots with a new one-click conversion. By bringing this feature to our customers, we remove a common standstill situation when it comes to beginning your RPA journey.

This conversion will allow Tosca users to benefit immediately by using Tricentis RPA. Bottom line, you will have lower cost of maintenance of automated tests and bots now with this conversion.  

Our July product update also extends the conversion of Tosca test cases to RPA bot processes to include the support of IF statements and loops. See below how easy it is to export Tosca test cases for RPA.

Exception Handing

Resilient bots require operating in production environments where unforeseen situations (e.g. an unresponsive business application or distorted data) need to handled without compromising a halt in automation.  With our new exception handling features, Tricentis RPA can recover from these unforeseen situations through stopping or restart of bots processes.  A bot developer can define how to handle exceptional situations so that a “failing “bot will not causing trouble for the business process.

In the example below, we show how to stop and restart a bot process upon failure.

Increased Technology Support, Image Based RPA

It’s no surprise that automating business processes requires a large support of technologies. We’ve added some increased support through Tricentis Tosca engines, which include: PDF, Mail, and API automation engines.

Furthermore, if the underlying technology cannot be identified, we’ve added the same underlying technology for Tosca’s image based automation to identify controls. This allows you to automate a business processes without having to script a workaround control recognition.


API, PDF, Mail Engine support