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Tricentis partners with Gainsight, SV Academy to enhance customer success through diversity

Over the past few months, we have all watched as the world took a stand for equality and inclusion. People began to mobilize, take action, and make change. At Tricentis, we are taking action to build a more diverse and inclusive community. In partnership with Gainsight and SV Academy, we are sponsoring the first-ever customer success associates program. The CS YOU Program provides opportunities for underrepresented candidates in one of the most in-demand careers, Customer Success.

It is well documented that a diverse workforce makes for a more productive workforce. When you hire people from diverse backgrounds, you’re bringing a variety of perspectives to the table. This can lead to benefits like better problem solving and increased productivity. Workplace diversity leads to innovation.

We are honored to be a charter partner in the CS YOU program and help expand opportunities for people of all backgrounds. CS YOU offers training and placement in entry-level Customer Success Associates roles. Starting off on the right foot helps set-up candidates for success and achieve their career goals. The customer success team is often the face of the company whom customers engage with regularly so it’s imperative to have a diverse set of employees who can help meet unique customer needs.  

In my almost 20-year career in the software industry, I have seen numerous changes, but what has always been constant was a leg of diversity. At Tricentis we know that an inclusive workforce makes us better, and I am especially proud to see the customer success role evolve and serve the needs of our diverse world.