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Discover what your testing practice is missing with a Tosca or qTest Health Check

Testing transformations can’t be achieved by tools alone, but effective use of testing tools is a key piece of the puzzle.

Whenever we get started with a new tool, it’s natural to focus on the features and best practices most relevant to our immediate goals. With all the best intentions, we vow to take a deeper dive into the more specialized features and become power users in our spare time…but then life inevitably gets in the way. With the constant stream of releases, reports, and all the little fires that seem to arise on a daily basis, “learning more” often takes a back seat, and some of the most important tips and tricks that could make life easier are overlooked.

This situation isn’t unique to Tricentis Tosca and qTest, of course. It happens with every product and transformation initiative. At Tricentis, our customers are continuously amazed to learn how much more they could be doing to extend the power and value of their Tricentis investment.

Maximize your Tosca and qTest functionality

If you’re curious about what you might be missing, our Customer Experience team is happy to take you on a guided, fully-customized tour. Our Health Check program assesses where you stand and introduces you to commonly-overlooked best practices and functionality that can help you achieve your quality objectives faster.

Request a Health Check and maximize the functionality of your Tosca and qTest tools, or find out more about the Tosca Health Check and qTest Health Check.

The Tosca Health Check will advance your Tosca testing performance if you:

  • Have concerns about execution time or Tosca speed
  • Have more than 300 test cases built
  • Have more than five projects in your repository
  • Are operating Tosca in a multi-user workspace
  • Have recently acquired new licenses and now have more people working on your repository
  • Are planning on sharing your repository with other parts of your organization

The qTest Health Check will advance your qTest testing performance if you:

  • Have concerns about test execution management 
  • Are creating more than 80% of your test cases brand new in every release cycle 
  • Are creating new projects in qTest with every release cycle 
  • Have more than 500 test cases built in a single qTest project 
  • Are looking to accelerate release timelines 
  • Are planning to collaborate (or are already collaborating) with different work groups 

If the above circumstances match your Tosca or qTest needs, we strongly encourage you to see what our Health Check service has to offer. We’ll set up a remote meeting to learn about your current tool utilization and recommend immediate actions you can take to improve efficiency and functionality. We will explore components such as: 

  • Project Setup 
  • Parameters and Datasets 
  • Requirement Coverage 
  • Configuration Sets 
  • Naming Conventions 
  • User Management
  • Repository Structure 

A test manager at a leading insurance company recently shared:

“The qTest Health Check has really helped us see the bigger picture with areas to improve on. From optimizing test cases to addressing unused artifacts, we will be having periodic Health Checks to keep our qTest performance on track.”  

Ready to get the most out of your Tosca and qTest tools? Request a Health Check today or find out more about the Tosca Health Check and qTest Health Check.