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My new book: Enterprise Continuous Testing

I’m super excited to announce the official launch of my new book: Enterprise Continuous Testing: Transforming Testing for Agile and DevOps.

Enterprise Continuous Testing

Today’s businesses don’t want—or need—perfect software. They want to deliver innovations as soon as possible. A single delay might be the only opportunity a competitor needs to gain market share and become the new disruptor.

Testing is essential for accelerating the delivery of innovative applications without incurring unacceptable business risk. We need fast feedback on whether the latest innovations will work as expected or crash and burn in production. We also need to know if these changes somehow broke the core functionality that the customer base—and thus the business—depends upon.

However, even with the most extreme automation, we simply don’t have time for the “test everything” approach. It’s impossible to test every possible path through a modern business application every time that we want to release. Fortunately, we don’t need to. If we rethink our testing approach, we can get a thorough assessment of a release candidate’s business risk with much less testing than most companies are doing today.

Enterprise Continuous Testing: Transforming Testing for Agile and DevOps introduces a Continuous Testing strategy that helps enterprises accelerate testing to meet the needs of fast-paced Agile and DevOps initiatives. Software testing has traditionally been the enemy of speed and innovation—a slow, costly process that delays releases while delivering questionable business value. This new strategy helps you test smarter, so testing provides rapid insight into what matters most to the business.

Get the complete book: Print, PDF, or Kindle

Accelerate Vienna attendees got early access to the book, as well as a book signing.

If you weren’t at Accelerate, there are a few different ways you can access the book:

Buy a print copy from,, or your local Amazon marketplace.  All proceeds go to Specialisterne, an organization dedicated to increasing employment opportunities for people with autism spectrum conditions (more on Specialisterne below).

Get the Kindle version from the same Amazon sites. If you buy it before the end of the week, the digital copy is only 1.99 USD or EUR.

Download the PDF version for free from the Tricentis Enterprise Continuous Testing site.

Book proceeds benefit Specialisterne, a non-profit committed to inclusion through Neurodiversity

We’re donating all proceeds from Enterprise Continuous Testing to Specialisterne Austria, a non-profit committed to identifying, qualifying, and enabling the employability of talent in the autism spectrum. Under the umbrella of the globally-active Specialisterne Foundation, they partner with corporations, training, and educational institutions to unlock the full potential of neurodiversity for innovation and business excellence.

People with an autism spectrum condition are often great software testers because of their structured and analytical approach, detail-orientation, and perseverance. They quickly identify patterns and tend to find aberrations and mistakes that others miss. Yet, despite these strengths, between 60-80% of adults with autism are unemployed. Specialisterne has made it their mission to change that.

Here are a couple great videos that shed light on Specialisterne’s background and mission.

Tricentis partners with Specialisterne to help people with an autism spectrum condition learn about, and prepare for, careers in software testing. Since 2014, the Tricentis consulting team has delivered “Test Automation Specialist” certification courses to people who have been diagnosed with an autism spectrum condition and are struggling to find appropriate employment opportunities. More recently, we co-developed the “TestingPro” Specialisterne training program and teach the course annually in collaboration with ISTQB, the International Software Testing Qualification Board. As each course completes, Specialisterne helps the participants identify job opportunities, accompanies them to interviews, and provides on-going support as participants start their new job.

Here is Jordan Grantham, Manager Education Services at Tricentis, alongside some of the most recent TestingPro graduates.

[Learn more about Specialisterne and Specialisterne Austria]