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Test automation

Colas testing leader shares advice for expediting software delivery with test automation

Colas is a global leader in the design, construction, and maintenance of transport infrastructure. The organization undertakes about 72,000 road and railway projects each year in some 50 countries worldwide. The company’s workforce of 57,000 people relies on a complex infrastructure to keep these projects moving. Colas’ focus on digital transformation – which combines the conventional know-how of roadbuilders with the world of new digital technologies – has given the organization a competitive edge. 

To accelerate the delivery of applications to both business users and customers, Colas began working with Tricentis two years ago to introduce test automation across the enterprise. We spoke with Galaad Lepaul, Head of Test Automation at Colas Digital Solutions, to learn about Colas’ experiences, and to gather his advice for other teams embarking on their own test automation journeys. (Read more below the video.)

With an enterprise as large and complex as Colas, delivering the correct version of every application, and ensuring that the right functionality is accessible at all times, is no simple feat. A single purchasing process may call on several applications multiple times. Testing all of these connections manually was time-consuming and left gaps in test coverage, so the team began the search for a tool that could help them automate testing and significantly reduce delivery timelines.

Expediting software delivery with test automation: New technology and a dedicated team

Tricentis Tosca has enabled the teams at Colas to automate the testing of complex, end-to-end processes across the application stack. The savings in time and effort mean that the end-to-end tests can be run faster, more frequently, and with less effort. We partnered with Colas to provide support not only with tool adoption, but also by sharing industry best practices and consulting on broader business and technical obstacles along the way, finding technical partners when further expertise was needed. 

When asked about the one piece of advice he would pass on, Lepaul stressed the importance of creating a dedicated group of individuals to spearhead the automation initiative. Developing a test automation strategy, and then successfully embedding automated workflows into the delivery pipeline, is a major undertaking that cannot be executed well when assigned alongside a team’s regular responsibilities. 

Watch the video to learn more about Colas and their path to delivering automation at speed.