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Video: How Guardian Life Insurance is modernizing testing with Tricentis qTest

Guardian Life Insurance is a 158-year-old U.S. insurance and wealth management services provider – and a pioneer in creating the digital experiences today’s customers demand. The company began making some big changes about five years ago to digitize its business, including the introduction of an agile operating model, the migration of 200+ apps onto AWS and significant investments in technology to improve customer service, products and business operations. We spoke with Robina Laughlin, Guardian’s Assistant Vice President of IT Quality Management, to learn how she evolved her team’s approach to testing to support this transformation. [Read more below the video.]

Laughlin says she quickly realized she’d need to replace the team’s legacy test management solution to support agile testing for a quickly growing list of projects – totaling 400 last year – including several new mobile apps.

“When you think about that scope and you think about the magnitude of all the test cases, automation and everything… you rapidly arrive at bloat,” she explained. “I really wanted to move us from the HP suite [now Micro Focus] and into a more nimble, robust suite that would fit with all of the different methodologies that we were bringing in.”

Watch the video to learn how Laughlin is modernizing testing with Tricentis qTest to create a central source of truth across a global team and a diverse test automation toolset. With a modern, agile approach, her team has improved test coverage and achieved 50% faster test cycle times for hundreds of applications.