How to Convince Your Boss to Send You to Tricentis Accelerate San Francisco

The prospect of asking your boss to foot the bill for professional development activities can be daunting. Not everyone is comfortable going to their managers with a request  —  even one as valid as attending the #1 Continuous Testing conference.

To help you make the case, we’ve put together some guidelines and a handy email template to highlight how you’ll benefit, as well as the insights you’ll bring back to the team.

The Strategy: Align Your Request With Your Organization’s Priorities

Customize the template below as needed to ensure you’re highlighting your organization’s strategic priorities — and demonstrating how attending will help you contribute in a meaningful way. Take a look at the agenda and see what aligns best with the goals of your boss, your team and your organization as a whole, and weave the highlights into your pitch. For example…

Suppose your team is interested is interested in quickly scaling test automation to support a new development initiative. The Disney testing team will share how they quickly built advanced test automation services to prepare for the launch of its standalone streaming service, Disney+ — including launching and training a new test automation team.

Perhaps you’d like to get some perspective on emerging trends and new ways for testers to put their skills to use for the organization. You’ll get the chance to hear what Gartner’s Tom Murphy has to say about the future of the industry — including the intersection of test automation and RPA — and predictions from Accenture’s Managing Director Jeff Wilkinson about how emerging technologies like bots, AI and machine learning will affect testing.

Or maybe you’re in search for more practical knowledge, like how to get started with open source testing, or how to accelerate your transition to continuous testing. Elise Carmichael, Tricentis’ open source expert, will share best practices that help you get started with test automation based on your business needs, from setting a strategy to selecting frameworks, maintaining test environments and tracking ROI. And Tricentis customer experience experts will share their Continuous Testing Maturity Assessment, which will help you understand where you are and what you need to do advance your testing practice.

You get the idea. Think about your team’s most pressing needs, then tweak the template based on your insights. Then shoot the email off to your boss (and follow up the next time you chat), and chances are they’ll be asking you to go to Accelerate 2019. No power-posing required.

If you still don’t think your case is strong enough, you can highlight your resourcefulness by sharing that you’ve found a great deal on tickets: We’re giving blog readers $100 off with the code 100OFF when you register here. That brings the ticket price down to just $399, making this one of the more affordable professional development opportunities out there.

The Request: An Email Template to Send to Your Boss

Dear [Your Boss’s Name],

I would like to attend Accelerate 2019, taking place May 22-23 in San Francisco. This is Tricentis’ premier global technical and networking event. Attending will provide me with immediate direct results including:

  • Practical knowledge about the latest testing strategies that I can bring back to the team: Tracks include scaling agile & DevOps, automated continuous testing and emerging trends
  • The opportunity to connect with peers and learn how top enterprises are tackling testing challenges (the lineup includes presentations from testing leaders at Disney, Chick-fil-a, Anthem, Nationwide, Merck and many more)
  • The latest strategies, methods and tools for transitioning to continuous testing in a DevOps environment
  • Insights into the Tricentis platform roadmap (including Tricentis Tosca, qTest, Flood and more) and a chance to connect with product experts

Here is an overview of the costs:

Airfare: $_______

Hotel Accommodation: $_______

Registration Fee: $399 (Typically $499, but I’ve found a promo code for $100 off)

Expenses (breakfast, lunch and one dinner are provided): $_______

Projected Total Costs: $_______

I think you will agree that my attendance at Accelerate 2019 will help advance our goals of (insert specific goals here). Do I have your permission to book my trip, or would you prefer that I schedule a follow-up conversation?

Thank you,

[Your Name]