Humana Modernized Testing

Agile Testing/DevOps

How Humana Modernized Software Testing to Create More Engaging Member Experiences

Cortney Hoese had to make some noise to get her professional goals accomplished. Hoese, who is Humana’s Principle Quality Engineer, recognized she’d need to modernize her team’s approach to testing to support Humana’s transformation into a well-being company. Humana’s mission is to help its members achieve well-being in all aspects of life, and the organization recognizes that technology plays a critical role in enhancing user interactions and improving health and wellness.

“Being able to provide those services accurately is really important, so we have to have high quality,” Hoese explains. “Our consumers demand it, the stock market demands it, the government demands it… and we have to hold up to our end of the bargain.”

Humana is recognized as a digital pioneer among health plans. But with a legacy toolset, Hoese’s team was not equipped to support the organization’s agile and DevOps transformation. It was up to Hoese to communicate the importance of modernizing testing, navigate industry regulations and stakeholder concerns, and implement significant process changes to set her team up for success.

“Disruption isn’t quiet,” Hoese says. “So if you want to disrupt your company, you can’t be quiet either.” Watch the video to find out how she shifted the quality paradigm and modernized software testing.