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Product updates

July 2019 release introduces intelligent module Import, increased traceability and enhanced user management for Tosca

This Tricentis Tosca update caters to large scale teams that need easier ways to import and maintain module updates while also giving increase traceability to these changes.

Intelligent Module Import

If you are running Tosca as part of your CI/CD tool chain (and you should be!) our new intelligent module import feature will help you to apply changes from project, version, or branch to another. This import removes the need to manually update test modules when the system under test changes and will reconcile any duplicate modules.

The import feature will also be great for decentralized teams working on the same Tosca test project. If frequent changes happen to the system under test, the modules will need to be updated. Test automation engineers that design tests from the modules will now be able to import new module updates to their project. This results in faster test design, and less time maintaining modules.

See how it works below:

Increased Traceability

As you import modules and edit existing assets, the need to track these changes becomes top of mind for Tosca administrators and test managers. In order to close the loop on communication, this new product update adds improves artifact change logs so users can:

  • Trace and audit changes on object level
  • See who created which object
  • See which user changed which object last

This will help teams whether they are using single or multi-user work-spaces to get clear insight into modifications of all Tosca artifacts.

User Management Updates

Last release we revamped our user management to bring you a new web interface to manage Tosca users across projects and at enterprise scale. 

Today, we’ve added some major improvements based on your feedback. Some of these improvements include:

  • Enhanced filtering and search functionality
  • Ability to edit and delete groups
  • Replace Active Directory connections
  • Ability to disable users
  • Enforce stricter password policies through RegEx
  • More detailed error logs

Watch the video to see the new enterprise user management features we added last release.