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Introducing Tricentis Elastic Execution Grid: Tech preview now available

We’re very excited to announce the tech preview of cloud-based test execution!

Elastic Execution Grid (E2G) is our next-generation, cloud-based test execution technology that can orchestrate and execute thousands of test cases in minutes. E2G removes infrastructure as a bottleneck by running multiple tests in parallel — no matter how many machines you have or how complex your tests. You get test results faster, with greater insight into what actually caused the problem if a test fails. E2G is also framework-agnostic, meaning that you can run your tests not only from Tosca but also from any test automation framework, or open source framework you already use. 

The problem with test execution today

If you build and test software, then you know how important it is to quickly run all your tests before every commit and get that green light. However, as you deploy your code multiple times a day, inevitably the number of tests you need to execute skyrockets. Two things can happen: your release gets delayed, or worse yet you skip running critical tests as you don’t have time to meet the deadline. Your DevOps goal to release quickly with uncompromised quality starts appearing more like a distant dream than a reality.  

These problems snowball as you work with multiple teams building end-to-end tests across your company’s enterprise applications and systems. You have a hard time of figuring out whether a change actually broke something, or whether it was a flaky test case. Faulty infrastructure can also derail smooth execution. For instance, a test case might fail to execute as the communication to the appropriate agent wasn’t setup right. This leads to wasted time and unreliable test results that compromise fast business decisions being made on releases.

Test execution made simple — good news for you

With Elastic Execution Grid, we address all these core problems. E2G enables you to scale more, test faster, and get actionable results on your releases.

How does it work? Once you’ve built your tests in the test framework of your choice, run them using Elastic Execution Grid. E2G dynamically distributes tests amongst E2G agents which then execute your tests in the test framework of your choice. E2G removes heavy infrastructure configuration. You only need a stable internet connection on the machine where agents run. E2G collects and displays the results, which can easily be shared across teams and stakeholders. You can drill down to individual test steps to see where a failure occurred and know exactly where your application under test needs more attention.

You can already start experimenting with the following features and capabilities of E2G:

  • Smart agent — test case matching: E2G dynamically distributes and executes test cases on the right machines through an agent characteristic capability. By specifying agent characteristics, E2G forwards those tests only to the agents with matching characteristics. In this way, you can ensure your tests execute smoothly at massive scale.  
  • Framework agnostic: Regardless of which test automation framework or CI tool you love and use, E2G can run and report back on results from anywhere.
  • Reliable test results: Define upfront the dependencies between your tests, and when an error occurs, you can drill down to the test steps and see the most granular details. All these capabilities combined ensure you receive reliable, actionable feedback.
  • Optimizing test execution time: E2G provides you with scores and data-driven recommendations on your test execution health. By assessing the duration of your runs, such as the slowest and fastest sequences, E2G ensure you can further optimize your test execution time.
  • Share test results: Easily share important test execution data with various business stakeholders.
  • Live recordings: After your nightly runs, watch live recordings of your test cases to help you pinpoint exactly why a certain execution failed — without you needing to re-run those tests.

Curious to see how Elastic Execution Grid works in Tosca? Watch this live demo here!

What’s different about Elastic Execution Grid?

You might wonder how Elastic Execution Grid compares to Tosca’s Distributed Execution (DEX). DEX is your on-premise solution for automated test distribution. E2G is your SaaS solution for a similar task. As such, E2G offers several advantages such as dynamic distribution of workloads, high scalability and reliability, the ability to share results outside of Tosca as well as run tests from a variety of test frameworks, including open source solutions.

With most test automation tools today, you have to know exactly how many agents or machines are required to execute and distribute your test cases. This usually involves hard-coding a number and performing a 1:1 mapping between a test case and an agent. E2G removes this manual guesswork through a smart agent characteristic capability. By assigning appropriate tags at the test case level, you can ensure your tests execute at the right agent, smoothly, and at high scale.

All in all, E2G addresses the growing need to provide large-scale test execution across multiple enterprise applications and end-to-end business processes. This need is currently not addressed by legacy testing tools.

Want to try Elastic Execution Grid’s test execution for yourself?

Elastic Execution Grid is currently available as tech preview. As we’re building out E2G further to bring you — our customers and users — the most value, we would immensely appreciate your feedback and collaboration.

Interested in gaining early access and trying out E2G’s cloud-based test execution for yourself? There are several ways to participate:

  1. Register for a free account at
  2. Explore our user guide and get started with E2G
  3. Get the latest insight from our product manager by registering for our webinar
  4. Share your feedback and help us shape the product at the Tricentis Idea Portal

Happy execution!