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Introducing Tricentis Automation Recording Assistant

Tricentis Automation Recording Assistant (ARA) is now available for manual testers and SAP business users looking to expedite their automation journey.

With our February 2020 release, we introduced a better way to record test automation workflows and business processes with a new recording assistant – Tricentis ARA. This new recording assistant will be pivotal to our future automation strategy in 2020 and beyond.

I recently sat down for some Q&A with the Tricentis ARA product management team, Guy Hood and Mile Djokic, to get more details around why Tricentis invested in a new recording solution. Plus hear what customers can expect in the future recording ehancements.  

Why did we build ARA and how does it differ from existing recording and scanning features we have in Tosca?

Tosca already has outstanding recording and scanning functions. However, we found that for new manual testers, and especially SAP business users, Tosca can be overwhelming with its many powerful features that go beyond functional test automation (e.g. expansive technology support, CI/CD, service virtualization, TDM). 

Since ARA can be installed as a standalone app, this offers an immediate way for anyone  to record, modify, and run test cases directly aligned to their business processes. Now there is a way to dive into the world of automation without being an expert.  

Automation Recording Assistant

There are lots of test automation recording tools out there, so what makes ARA different? Does ARA connect into Tosca’s Model-Based automation approach? 

If you Google “test automation recorders” you will find a lot of solutions already available. However, the main differentiation of the ARA is that while our customers are recording test cases, our app automatically switches between their web applications and their SAP WinGUI. 

This is what we call “End-to-End” test automation, and this key differentiation allows users to seamlessly record their full business process within a single test case. Almost all other recorders out there only work with web applications.   

Tricentis ARA SAP Support

Also, most other recorders only produce code-based, or script-based automated test cases. The Automation Recording Assistant saves test cases in a format compatible with the Tricentis Model-based Test Automation framework, so you can truly record and maintain ‘no-code’ continuous test automation. 

Can you explain more about the features and use cases of the Automation Recording Assistant? 

The main use case now is SAP test automation. QA and automaton engineers no longer need to sit with SAP business users to create test workflows mapped to their business processes. Now they can simply ask business users to run the Automation Recording Assistant while they perform their business processes, to capture test automation workflows.   

After the business user is finished and has commented all necessary steps, they can export the recorded workflow and hand it over to the automation engineer. These Tosca engineers can then integrate the recorded business process into their Tosca test automation portfolio.  

Edit Recorded Steps

Besides Tosca, what other Tricentis products can the Automation Recording Assistant work with?

Tricentis LiveCompare, Automation Recording Assistant, and Tosca all work together to uncover and fill testing gaps (e.g. missing test coverage). LiveCompare identifies the gaps that represent the most-at-risk SAP capabilities which do not have test automation coverage. Then LiveCompare provides the information about which who utilizes these capabilities and informs the testing strategy team.  

Now that we’ve removed the guess work, SAP business users can use the Automation Recording Assistant to create the missing test automation workflows. From there they can simply forward the recorded workflows by email or any other means to the test automation engineer, who then imports them into their Tosca test automation portfolio. Voila, no more testing gaps!   

LiveCompare and ARA

What can we expect in future releases?

We see a lot of potential to greatly increase test coverage and speed up the process of audits from the ARA. Obviously, we are eager to listen to our customers and understand what they want now.  

From their feedback we expect to learn how to plug-in the ARA across the full Tricentis product suite and make it a center piece for building automation across our customers entire business. We are already in the process of integrating our machine learning engine into the ARA which will be available in beta very soon!