Tricentis qTest 9.4: Jira Integration Enhancements, Simplified Test Automation Scheduling and the New qTest App


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We’re back with some exciting updates to Tricentis qTest! While you were away, our product team was busy enhancing our Jira integration, building a new offline test management app, and improving automation scheduling in qTest Launch.

To learn more read below. The qTest 9.4 enhancements include:

  • Jira integration enhancementsincluding a new UI for filtering test execution data displayed on Jira issues using test run fields
  • qTest Launch scheduling capabilitiesthat enable hourly or weekly scheduling for test runs, requirements and test cases and tracking for scheduled jobs across all machines
  • The qTest App, a new product built for teams testing on the go or without internet access

Jira Enhancements – New Execution Summary

Our real-time integration with Jira keeps getting better with our new test execution summary page. Our brand new experience allows teams to get richer test data directly on Jira issues through our dynamic filtering and summary views.

  • Health Bar: The new execution summary contains a health bar that gives an overall view of the test cases and test runs which are linked to a Jira issue. This health bar allows you to instantly know if an issue is ready for production or needs more attention.
  • Execution Filtering: Quickly filter test runs based on release, cycle, suite and status to sort and identify which test runs need attention.
  • UNEXECUTED vs NO TR: You can now better distinguish which test case are unexecuted and which ones do not have a test run. For example, if a test case has a status of “NO TR,” this means there is no test runs scheduled for execution. However, if there is a status of “UNEXECUTED,” this means the test run simply hasn’t been run by a tester yet.

qTest Launch – Better Job View and Automation Scheduling

With our latest release, we’re adding in better job views and more flexible automation scheduling for qTest Launch. Teams can still schedule their test automation from qTest Manager’s test execution module. However, for those scheduling automation across qTest projects, our new scheduling option in qTest Launch will help your scale your automation even faster.

  • Schedule Tests: Set up multiple test automation schedules from from a single interface. Use qTest Launch’s scheduling window to select tests based on linked test runs or requirements to easily find the tests you need to run.
  • Execution Calendar: qTest Launch now has a more intuitive execution calendar to help schedule tests.
  • Better Job Views: Prior to this release, teams had to know the exact automation host name to view automation jobs that were running or scheduled for execution. Our new jobs view helps you pinpoint all the jobs that are running across multiple hosts so you always know the latest execution status.

qTest App – Test Execution On-The-Go

qTest App is a new product that allows users to take qTest Manager’s test execution module on the go. This product will help teams that aretesting hardware or software in facilities without internet access and give non-traditional testers (e.g. doctors, retail workers) a more simplified execution experience.

  • Compatibility: qTest App is currently optimized for Windows tablets and desktops. However, and iPad version is coming soon.
  • Offline Execution: Download test runs from qTest Manager and then upload tests after execution without missing a beat.

Learn more about the new qTest 9.4 enhancements in the release notes.


Tricentis Staff